Our Services

Some of the specialised services we offer include:

The Crouch Amirbeaggi advisory team is composed of liquidators, bankruptcy trustees, lawyers and forensic accountants who have extensive expertise in corporate recovery, financial strategy and restructuring.

As one of Australia's pre-eminent advisory firms, we deliver a fast, accurate and reliable professional service. We aim to add value and deliver the results in a timely and personalised manner.

We like to work closely with our clients to develop a responsive, commercially oriented service that is tailored to our clients' needs.

Our role is to facilitate the reconstruction of financially distressed businesses and personal situations with innovative strategies that maximise the potential for an enterprise to survive its difficulties.

When the restructure and turnaround of a financially distressed business is not viable we also offer traditional insolvency services such as Receivership, Liquidation and Bankruptcy appointments.

We always attempt to fully capitalise on the opportunities that exist within a financially distressed business or personal situation.

Where a commercially sound process is available that permits a reconstruction, you may be assured that our firm will strive to deliver the best possible return to stakeholders.

We recognise that dealing with financial distress is a difficult and dynamic process and it is not our place to give clients false hope and optimism where none exists. We call it as we see it. We find that's the way our clients like it. We are a no-nonsense, results-driven professional services firm that operates nationwide.

Our Fees

As a small specialist firm we are inherently cost effective. We pride ourselves on being amongst the most cost effective insolvency practices in the industry.

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Click here to view a list of documents provided by the Australian Government offering information and advice for creditors, employees, debtors, directors and shareholders.

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