Secured Creditors Services

Crouch Amirbeaggi are delighted to act on behalf of the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and ANZ together with various second and third tier lenders.

We are established as one the best small firm alternatives for banks seeking a cost effective solution for their financially distressed clients.

By combining our firm's strong technical expertise and our unique blend of lawyers and insolvency practitioners, we provide creditor led restructuring solutions that preserve value and minimise risk.

We are clear industry leaders in delivering Investigating Accountants Reports ("IA") at a cost that is generally one-third to half the cost of large firms.

The Senate Enquiry into insolvency demonstrated that our hourly charge out rates are roughly one-third lower than the large firms. But it's not all about cheap charge out rates. Our banking clients enjoy the benefit from our partners' strong personal involvement in every matter within a small talented team.

Our experience demonstrates that we are capable of successfully dealing with matters that exceed $100 million in value and involve more than 3,000 creditors across Australia.

We pride ourselves on combining strong commercial acumen with a no-nonsense approach to ensure we deliver creative restructuring solutions that are tailored to the banks and stakeholders objectives.

Each job is personal to our partners. It's not just work for us. We strive to be the banks' first choice when they want Australia's best small firm of business advisors and insolvency practitioners. We provide our services nationwide. They include:

  • Investigating accountants' reports
  • Informal workouts
  • Standstill agreements
  • Creative debt and equity turnaround options
  • Refinancing
  • Pre-packs
  • Credit risk minimisation and management
  • Receivership
  • Voluntary administration
  • Liquidation services

Crouch Amirbeaggi look forward to drawing upon our wide range of expertise to deliver the right exit strategy for secured creditors personal and corporate clients.

Our Services

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Click here to view a list of documents provided by the Australian Government offering information and advice for creditors, employees, debtors, directors and shareholders.

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