Creditor Information

Creditor reports are available for creditors by request. If you are a creditor of a matter and you wish to obtain a creditor report, please contact our office.


Creditors are requested to complete and return two forms to ensure they are eligible to participate in a meeting of creditors. The forms are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Appointment of Proxy

  • The Appointment of Proxy form authorises a person to vote on behalf of a company or a creditor at the creditors' meeting.

Proof of Debt

  • The Proof of Debt form describes the value and some particulars of a creditor's debt.

The Proxy form and the Proof of Debt form must be received by our office at least 48 hours prior to a meeting of creditors in order to be eligible to vote and participate at the meeting.

Creditors can occasionally complete these statutory forms incorrectly. We encourage creditors to forward both forms to our office as soon as practicable to ensure we can inform you of any errors.

It is not uncommon for creditors' meetings to be adjourned to seek legal advice on the bona fides of creditor claims. If your claim is contentious you should attempt to lodge your claim at least 7 days prior to the meeting so legal advice may be obtained and discussed prior to the meeting.

Attendance to creditors' meetings is encouraged but not compulsory.

Proof of Debt and Proxy Forms

Creditors who wish to vote at a meeting of creditors must complete and lodge with our office the following forms:

Corporate matters Personal Insolvency matters
Appointment of Proxy Contact our office for appropriate document.
Proof of Debt Proof of Debt

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